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How Secure is my meeting data in Less Meeting?

Your notes are private, so we make sure they stay that way.

Our 10 Point Secure Data Policy

  1. All our cloud-based storage is hosted with Microsoft's highly available, scalable, redundant and secure Azure Infrastructure

  2. The Microsoft Facilities & Servers where the data is stored include SAS 70/SSAE 16 attestations & ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification

  3. Meeting notes are fully encrypted so that only meeting attendees can see this - not even the Less Meeting staff

  4. Meeting page access is restricted to listed meeting attendees

  5. All meeting info is sent over secure, SSL connection

  6. Password protection through one-way hash

  7. Emails sent through secured channels (via Google Apps https/ssl & Download and Send from Outlook options)

  8. Database access limited to white-listed IP addresses

  9. As stated in our privacy policy, we guarantee your sensitive information will remain exclusive to you

  10. iPad/iPhone data is stored using full device encryption (Note: you need to set a password lock pin on your device to activate this feature.)