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Using “cc@lessmeeting.com” to Send Meetings to Less Meeting

How to Use "cc@lessmeeting.com"

You can easily any meeting, from any calendar, by adding "cc@lessmeeting.com" as an attendee on the meeting.

As the meeting organizer follow these steps:

1. Create the calendar event as you normally would.

2. Add the email address cc@lessmeeting.com to the list of attendees.

3. In the body/description include your Less Meeting agenda & tags, like this:

1) Agenda Item 1 (# min)
- sub topic
- another sub topic
2) Agenda Item 2 (# min)
3) etc...

Tags: Status Meeting, Project XYZ, etc...

4. Save and send the meeting.

Note: If you're not the organizer, forward the meeting invite to cc@lessmeeting.com. If you're still not seeing your meetings sync you can get more help here.