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How can I add an Agenda and Tags to my meeting?

Want to add your Agenda and Tags to your meeting invite? Here's how, depending on which calendar you use:

  1. Outlook Users
  2. All other Calendars (including iPad/iPhone)
  3. From the Less Meeting Website

1. From the Outlook Plugin

Add agendas and tags to your meeting invite using the Outlook plugin.

2. From Other Calendars (GCal, Using "CC", iPad/iPhone, etc)

When syncing your calendar to Less Meeting (via GCalcc@lessmeeting.com, or iPad/iPhone) you can add the Agenda to the message body/description in the following format:

1) Item One (10 min)
- sub agenda
- another sub agenda
2) Item Two (5 min)
3) Item Three (15 min)

Optionally you can also add Tags and Goals too. For example:

Tags: Tag 1, Another tag, etc

1) First goal
2) Another goal

Note that sub-agendas and timing are optional for the Agenda. With Tags, separate each with a comma and add as many as you want.

That's all there is to it. Less Meeting does the rest, automatically reading your plan and adding it to your meeting. Here's what it might look like when you're done:

agenda and tags in google calendar

3. From the Less Meeting Website

There are two ways to add your plan from the site itself:

1. If you're creating a new meeting, just add it in there


2. Click the edit agenda link while on a meeting page