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Link your Mobile account to Less Meeting Web

Want to take Less Meeting with you to the Web? Here's how you can link your existing mobile account to a Less Meeting web account. With Less Meeting web you can share notes and action items across your team, access our Google Apps & Outlook integrations, setup custom branded meeting minutes, and more...

(Note: You'll need a license to use Less Meeting web, but you can use the register link below for a free 30 day trial. And of course the mobile app is 100% free forever!)

1. Go to: http://www.lessmeeting.com/register

2. Enter the SAME email that you're already using for the Less Meeting mobile app (you can see this on the Settings tab of the mobile app)

3. Complete the rest of the registration form and click Register

4. Check your email inbox & validate your registration email

5. Launch the Less Meeting mobile app

6. Navigate to the Settings tab & tap Link to Web/Change Email

7. Tap Link Web Account & enter the same email & password as steps #2-3 above

8. Tap Done

​After you're done, all your meetings, notes, and action items will seamless sync between all your mobile devices and the Less Meeting website!