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Is my Less Meeting Outlook Plugin working correctly?

Unsure whether the Less Meeting Outlook plug-in installed correctly? Check these two areas to see if your meetings should be syncing to Less Meeting.

1. Meeting Plan & Add-Ins Menu Option

The first thing you should notice is the section when scheduling a new meeting to enter your Less Meeting tags and agenda.


Additionally you'll see an Add-Ins menu for Less Meeting.

Outlook Add-Ins Menu

2. Status of the COM Add-In

In addition you can check the status of the COM Add-In. In Outlook 2010 follow these steps:

  1. Click the orange File menu
  2. Click Options from the left menu
  3. Click Add-Ins from the left menu
  4. Click Go... from the bottom next to Manage: COM Add-Ins

At this point you should see a window like this with the following settings for Less Meeting:

Outlook Add-Ins Menu2

If you have problems with any of the above you can and we'll help you further.