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Do I need a license to use Less Meeting?

Does everyone in my meeting need an account to use Less Meeting? Nope!

Free for anyone, even without registering for an account

So what can you do without a paid account? All users, even those without an account, can receive all meeting documents and actions. In particular this includes:

  • Pre-meeting agendas
  • Meeting minute emails
  • Daily digest emails
  • and the ability to complete/check-off open action items

And of course the iPad/iPhone apps are always 100% free!

Extras you get with a Less Meeting license

You only need a paid account for people that want to do the following:

  • Sync calendars & tasks with Less Meeting
  • Take notes during the meeting
  • Setup custom branded emails
  • Create & assign action items
  • View attachments in meeting minute emails
  • Run Team reports.